Timna Park

Main attractions: Pillars of Solomon’s Mines, geological and historical timeline

Lucky visitors to Timna Park will be able to interact with the gazelles and ibex that wander freely about this unique time-travel location.

Set on a backdrop of a dramatic skyline of mountains, Timna Park features acacia trees and desert plants nestled in the red and white sandstone. The park is a wonderland of geological miracles, beginning with how it was created as a result of deformation movements of the earth’s crust on the Syrian-African Rift.

With the Red Sea’s allure sure to call any visitor to the region, there is the added value of being so close to this natural wonder. Situated about 25 kilometers (17 miles) north of Eilat, Timna Park spreads over more than 60 square kilometers (about 23 square miles) and is the site of pioneering in the copper mining business over 6,000 years ago. As metal began being used for the first time, it marked the beginning of a revolution of sorts. Between the 14th and 12th century B.C.E, the industrious and ambitious Egyptians had already established a huge copper mining business at Timna. Using donkeys to transport their product to the Gulf of Eilat port, they had a number of business partners, primarily the Midianites from the Arabian Peninsula. Many, many moons later, as the modern State of Israel began to develop, Israelis took the lead from the Egyptian example and revived some copper mining of their own in the area when producing the famous turquoise “Eilat Stone,” not far from Timna.

Rock Engraving at Timna Valley
Engraving dating back to the days of King Ramses III (early 12th cent. BCE.). The engraving sahows King Ramses III (on the left) making an offering to the goddess Hathor (on the right). Height of the figures is 80 cms. There are two cartouches in the center with king's symbols. Bottom: a section of hieroglyphics.

Map of Timna
What makes the visit to Timna Park such a memorable one is the meeting with nature’s miraculous powers face-to-face. Standing before Solomon’s Pillars, one could easily assume that this was sculpted by a marketing genius for the purpose of wowing tourists. What makes it such a ‘wow” is the fact that the artist was a combination of time and the elements. There are a number of hiking routes from which to choose, as well as air-conditioned refuge from the desert heat in the summer months to view an impressive multi-media presentation.

Download a map of Timna Park in high resolution here.

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