The South of Israel

Not all of Israel’s south is sand. Some of it is sea and some of it is urban.

Ashdod, a bustling port city and famous for the Jonah and the whale story, Qiryat Gat, Rahat, and Beer Sheba are all highly populated cities proportionate to their size. However, the jewels of any desert in the world will have stiff competition when running up against the wonders found in the Negev and Arava on the way to the vacation destination of Eilat on the Red Sea.

Throw in a few very important antiquities and pilgrimage destinations for good measure such as the Nabatean city at Avdat and the south of Israel has something for everyone. The caves near Qumran revealed the Dead Sea Scrolls. And of course there is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Masada, Ein Gedi. Nahal David and the Dead Sea itself to be explored while in the south.

Timna Park and Solomon’s Mines, just a bit north of Eilat, with its coral reefs and nearly unparalleled snorkeling appeal, are just a few more examples of southern sites for sore eyes.

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