One visit to the desert in Israel, and you will understand why Monotheism and the Jewish People were both born in the desert. The awesome view over the Wilderness of Zin, where the People of Israel passed through on their way from receiving the Tablets of the Law in Sinai into the Promised Land (Numbers 20:1) is unforgettable. Marvel at the breathtaking views, tenacious plants and extraordinary wildlife, and the ability of ancient as well as modern people to thrive in the seemingly barren and empty wasteland. Wander through one of the numerous Nabatean and Byzantine cities, which protected and controlled the ancient Spice Route from the Far East and Arabia to the Mediterranean and Europe, and that ran directly through the Negev desert.

Another wonder of this area is how it has blossomed and grown in population, industry and agriculture in the short 63 years of Israel's existence. The sprawling and beautiful modern city of Beer Sheba lies at its center (near its ancient counterpart of course), home of Ben-Gurion University and its world famous Medical School, and numerous kibbutz and moshav collective communities throughout the region contribute to the continuing development of the Negev.

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