Kinneret - the biggest lake of Israel

Israel's beautiful lake in the northern Galilee, called "Kinneret" in Hebrew, is a wonderland of nature, history and tradition. As part of the Jordan River system, and of the larger Syrian-African Rift Valley, the Sea of Galilee has been of critical importance as a source of fresh water, fishing and transportation for thousands of years.

The "crown jewel" on the lake is the bustling modern city of Tiberias, continuously growing and developing ever since it was founded by Herod the Great's son Herod Antipas in the year 18 of the first century. A city of many cultures, Tiberias is also one of the four Jewish holy cities in the Land of Israel by virtue of the Jerusalem Talmud having been written there. Remains of Early Muslim and Crusader fortresses can still be seen in the city.

As a center of Jewish life in the Galilee in ancient times, the lake has also been the venue of many of the most important events of Christian tradition. Places to visit around the shores of the lake include Bethsaida - home of at least three of Jesus' disciples and site of important miracles, the Mt. of Beatitudes - where the Sermon on the Mount was delivered, Capernaum - where Jesus taught in the synagogue and the home of St. Peter, and many more.

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