Jordan Valley

View on Jordan Valley from Belvoir

The Jordan Valley, approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) long, and part of the larger Jordan Rift Valley, extends from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea with a myriad of things to see on the journey. Besides the inspiring natural beauty there is much to learn from the biblical remains as well as those from the Roman and Byzantine eras that are all found in the Jordan Valley. A recommended stop is the Belvoir Crusader fortress; if birds are your thing, the Bird Watching Center at Kfar Ruppin is the place to be.

The sites in the Jordan River Valley are almost endless. There is the majesty of Mt. Gilboa, and the mix of old and new found in Beit She'an. Not only ancient events, but relatively recent ones as well, took place in this area. The first hydroelectric power plant of the region was built in 1932 at Naharayim in the Jordan Valley and there are a number of cooperative projects with Jordan. Though the Jordan Valley border with Jordan is a quiet one these days there were many years when this was not the case. Many people now 40-something have childhood memories of sleeping in bomb shelters. And though a peace agreement was signed with Jordan in the 1990s, it did not solve all the issues. A hopeful sign is the future project of a Jordan River Peace Park.

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