City of David

City of David

Located on the eastern side of the Green Line in Jerusalem, close to the Old City of Jerusalem, the City of David sits in a contested area but its historical value cannot be disputed. This is the place where King David established his kingdom 3,000 years ago after conquering it from the Jebusites. Visitors from around the globe, anxious to see with their own eyes the place that connects the Bible stories they know with an actual physical place, come in large numbers. Today it is a major archaeological site, with ongoing expeditionary digs turning up evidence of civilizations that goes back to the Chalcolithic period (4500-3500 BCE). A well-organized tourist site, the City of David contains several fascinating relics of the ancient world. Visitors can wade through the tunnel of Shiloh, a 533 meter (1,746 foot) long water tunnel carved during the period of King Hezkiyahu. The tunnel extends from the city to a well at Shiloh, through solid rock beginning from both ends and meeting in the middle. An extraordinary engineering feat, even today, water continues to flow through the tunnel from the spring.

Archaeological ruins of grand homes bear witness to the high social status of their inhabitants, and elaborate rock-cut tombs dating from the 9th to the 7th centuries BCE are also evidence of high ranking members of a wealthy society in the area. Archaeologists and historians determine that these artifacts are evidence of a sophisticated culture in the Israelite period. Personal seals for signing letters and documents have been found in the City of David bearing the names of their owners, people who were mentioned in the Bible.

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