The Center of Israel

The center of Israel has many meaningful destinations for people from all walks of life.

The central region is the most densely populated area of the country and ranges as far north as Caesarea, with its ancient ruins and amphitheater which today hosts modern rock concerts, to as far south as Jerusalem and Bethlehem with all the wonders of three major religions, including the Church of the Nativity, the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall.

In the middle of this north-south trail is, of course, the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, the first modern Jewish city that was built by the pioneers in the early 1900s, now dense with a wide collection of museums, cultural centers, universities and historic landmarks. And, of course, its famous beaches and nightlife.

The climate in the center of the country changes dramatically from place to place; on the same August eve, folks in Jerusalem may be donning sweaters while those in Tel Aviv will be sweltering. The central region, though crowded with various building projects both completed and in progress, is still home to a number of agricultural communities, and the port city of ancient Jaffa is renowned in modern times for the coexistence of Christian, Muslim and Jew within its confines.

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