Israel is a unique country that amazes everyone, even the most experienced traveler. With the help of our Map of Israel you can learn about Israel’s history, nature, religions, etc., by reading about the various sites and seeing where they are in the country, thus taking your own virtual trip to Israel.

The world’s three major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam (in order of founding) – can all trace their beginnings to Israel, which is often called the Holy Land. Sites commemorating these religions can be found in many places throughout Israel. They can all be seen with your own eyes and touched with your own hands. History will come alive. And no tourist can miss Jerusalem, the city illuminated by spiritual light and blessed by prophets.

The area of this small country spreads from snow-covered mountains in the north to hot desert and the Red Sea in the south. The Mediterranean Sea is to the west, with its 118 mile (190 km) coastline. Despite its small area, visitors to Israel may find themselves in nine different climatic zones that miraculously influence the flora and fauna of the country. Due to this fact there are more than 60 national parks and 190 preserves in Israel. Those seeking active leisure can ski in the north while those looking for a more relaxing vacation can lie on one of Israel’s beautiful beaches. Try diving in the Red Sea or floating in the unique Dead Sea.

Use our map of Israel to help you plan your trip to Israel. If there’s somewhere you want to visit that isn’t yet marked on our map, let us know and we’ll be sure to add it.

Puzzle map of Israel

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